AXIS (2020)

︎Together with Marina Iodice’s sculptures, AXIS explores the connective power of performative art and the notions of alternative language.
︎Institutionalised languages - our common spoken and written languages - are made to be obeyed, they are neither informational or communicational. Therefore, AXIS is focusing in expressing emotion through the words we do not have yet. As the unity of language is fundamentally a political choice, the natural instinctual reactions should not be limited by our established linguistic systems.

︎AXIS is the combination of several alternative expressive systems (performance/ photography/ sculpture/ graphic design). The sculptures themselves are inspired by hieroglyphics and a linguistic structure that does not yet exist. In order to translate those hieroglyphics - we give our performers a ‘how-to use’ manual illustrated by Zaccaria Giupponi, which borrows an IKEA like technical language in dictating emotional instructions while decontextualising conventional words.

︎As a result the function of the body becomes the only self-sufficient element in the action of depicting emotions.

West Wharf Gallery, Cardiff, 2020
Performers: Rodica Nita, Adrian Banuta
2021© Robert Oros, Marina Iodice, Zaccaria Giupponi