27th of August - 29th of August 2021
CULTVR LAB, Cardiff, Wales.

8th October 2021 - 22nd October 2021
Umbrella Art Collective, Capitol Centre, Cardiff, Wales.

Artists: Morgan Dowdall, Marek Liska, Abi Birkinshaw, Toni de Jesus, Delphi Campbell, Eden Dodd, Tracy Watt, Dafydd Williams, Africa Olle, Rhiannon Lowe, Alun Davis, Alaw Glesni-Griffiths, Emma Lauren, Molly Caenwyn, Evie Rey, Jaqueline Janine Jones, Reg, John Evans, Dickoua, Leo Niehorster, Dione J, Ross Andrew, Leo Jones, Sour Cow Illustrations, Lucy McGee, Alice Evans, Sidney Lloyd, Christopher Hopkins, Jake Griffiths, Sad Bird, Jayden Alexander, Eliot Zoltan Cseh, Caitlin Flood-Molyneux, Aidan Biddiscombe, Alex Chard, Eleanor, Paisley Randall, Luke Roberts, Robert Oros, Minitopian Art Gallery.

Highlighting a rich selection of works by local queer artists, Umbrella Show 5 focuses on facilitating and displaying a dynamic contemporary art exhibition developed formally and thematically on the emphasis of diversity and inclsion within the LGBTQ+ community. 

Encapsulating a range of diverse experiences and knowledge, the chosen artists are predominately pushing boundaries of queer representation in art and history; with varied themes such as the Lavender Scare and the AIDS crisis, body positivity and representation to observations on gender variance.

Project organised by Umbrella Collective for the PRIDE event at CULTVR Lab. Curated by Robert Oros, Paisley Randall and Luke Roberts.

Paisley Randall, The Lavander Scare, 2021. Courtesy of the artist.

From right to left: Morgan Dowdall, Sour Cow Illustrations, ..., Ross Alexander, ..., Sidney Lloyd. Courtesy of the artist.

Alex Chard. Courtesy of the artist.


Morgan Dowdall. Courtesy of the artist.

Sidney Lloyd. Courtesy of the artist.

                          Luke Roberts, Blush. Courtesy of the artist.            

Evie Rey. Courtesy of the artist.

Top: Africa Olle. Bottom: 
Courtesy of the artist.
Top: Africa Olle. Bottom:
Courtesy of the artist.

Top: Abi Birkinshaw. Bottom: Lucy McGee.
Courtesy of the artist.

Top: Marek Liska. Bottom: Morgan Dowdall.
Courtesy of the artist.

©Umbrella Collective